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  Web Design, Upgrade, Content Development & Maintenance
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Web Design, Upgrade, Content Development & Maintenance

We specialize in marketing-oriented websites that promote relationships with clients or customers, sell merchandise, or persuade visitors to support specific issues.

If you need a marketing website that promotes the benefits of your products or service, we are your best choice. On the other hand, if you want a site that offers video games, glitz, or gimmicks, you should look elsewhere.

We write as well as design.

Unlike the "web-only" site designers you may have encountered in the past, we don't expect you to provide the written text for your website. As experienced marketing communication professionals, we develop your preliminary thoughts and notes into rich, persuasive content. Our capacity to provide written content as well as site design and engineering keeps projects and updates on schedule.

Experienced in the creation of conventional - as well as online - advertising and public relations, Orwig Marketing Strategies offers the full spectrum of services, including writing, editing, graphic design and photography. We provide every ingredient for web site success including:

  • Research and analysis that will define an effective site strategy

  • Development of the web site architecture and navigation plan

  • Award-winning graphic design

  • Economical solutions for back-end functionalities like form processing

  • Search engine optimization (SEO), and

  • Web site promotion including advertising and public relations support in conventional media.
Our continuing maintenance program

One of the great advantages of a website over conventional marketing options is that it is a "living document" that can evolve along with your brand and changing market conditions. Unfortunately, many sites become dated and stale because the in-house webmaster wears many other hats. Worse, part-time webmasters often don't understand complex coding issues so the site gradually deteriorates as code is damaged when changes are made.

Many web designers look at initial site design as the big-ticket sale and routine maintenance as a low-profit nuisance - particularly if they don't employ writers on a regular basis. As a marketing agency, we are used to ongoing client relationships.

While we can design a user-updateable site for you, most of our clients choose to have us provide continuing maintenance. This service ensures that site updates - major or minor - occur in a timely manner.

Our maintenance programs require no annual commitment. They are billed on a monthly basis when our clients request updates.

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