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Effective marketing communication is much more than
"keeping our name before the public."

Marketing communication first creates awareness of a product or service in the consumer's mind. Then it demonstrates that the offering is desirable or that it provides a solution to a challenge the prospect faces. Through repetition of the key message, it sustains awareness. Finally, it supplies all of the information necessary to complete the sale.

Consumer product marketers use mass media to build awareness and desire then rely on retail channels to close the deal. If the market weakens, they hype sales with promotions, discounts, and coupons. It's an excellent model for selling low cost, low involvement products like candy or office supplies.

Our clients typically face a more complex set of challenges. Aside from limited budgets, they often sell higher cost, high involvement products and services. Most important, their offerings frequently have a significant impact on the lives of consumers or the fortunes of business prospects.

We plan the strategy and implement the tactics.

First we establish goals then refine them into realistic objectives. Next, we study the target audience: their reading, listening, viewing, and web surfing habits. We consider their interests and motivations. Their lifestyles and quirks. We also hunt out untapped potential markets.

Then, based on more than 30 years of marketing experience, we develop a strategy and recommend a set of tactics that will achieve the goals. Besides carefully targeted media, the tactics generally include public relations initiatives, as well as print and online solutions intended to help the prospect "take the next step" toward closing. Sometimes, we also propose suggestions that are clearly "outside the box."

Our approach to marketing creates multiple communication links between the client and target audiences. It's a process we call Multipath Marketing™. The process works because every element of the plan - from creative style to media selection - is coherent and driven by proven marketing principles.

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