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Brochures, Annual Reports, Catalogs, and Presentations

Advertising and public relations initiatives awaken the prospect's interest. Well-designed printed materials close the sale.

Your brochures and printed materials should be well planned, clearly written, attractively designed, and produced in a style that is in harmony with your brand's personality and its standing in the marketplace. They should also be consistent in quality with other elements of your marketing plan.

The advent of electronic distribution methods like PDF files, which can be placed on CD-ROMs or on your website, eliminate the expense of conventional printing. This puts the advantages of professional writing and design well within the reach of all organizations.

When the budget won't support advertising, the brochure
becomes your primary marketing vehicle.

If a comprehensive media and public relations program is not economically practical for your organization, your introductory brochure or presentation becomes the first point of contact with prospects, clients, or donors.

In support of a face-to-face sales presentation, it becomes the prime mover of your marketing plan and shoulders the essential mission of shaping the prospect's first impression of your organization and brand.

Nonprofit and government agencies: The annual report
validates your community mission.

The annual report to the community has become an important connecting point for many agencies. It offers a platform from which to discuss goals, successes, worth of the mission, and value to the community.

We help organizations create effective printed materials.

Orwig Marketing Strategies creates printed materials that educate, sell or persuade selected markets or target groups.

Although we sometimes provide a single aspect of the project such as design or writing, we typically oversee print projects from strategic planning to final delivery.

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