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Advertising Agency Services

The advertising paradigm is changing. Mass media advertising dominated 20th century marketing. Consumers trusted their daily newspaper and three broadcast TV networks to provide reliable news and information. Businesspeople relied on trade magazines to alert them to the latest trends.

In the 21st century, TV has splintered into more than 500 cable channels. Newspaper readership has declined. The latest business information is available on the Internet. While conventional media have adopted strong online presences, the handwriting is on the wall. Advertising is changing. This transformation - especially the online component - evolves month by month.

Experience and perspective

Orwig Marketing Strategies offers the full range of advertising agency services. We help clients increase their return on investment by combining award-winning creative with skillful media planning to create effective advertising. Our creative product has appeared in media worldwide - from Europe to South America to the Pacific Rim.

Five reasons why paid advertising remains relevant

Conventional and online advertising are an important ingredient in the marketing mix. When appropriate, we advise clients to use paid advertising. Here's why:
  • Paid advertising lets you control the content, timing, and delivery channel of messages.

  • It offers the opportunity to shape your brand's personality.

  • Advertising influences attitudes and strengthens distribution channels.

  • When done well, it preconditions your prospects to buy.

  • Advertising in trade publications can boost the effectiveness of your sales force by capturing qualified sales leads.
Three ways to improve the performance of your advertising

If your advertising is under performing, ask yourself three important questions:
  • Does it spring from a coherent marketing strategy?

  • Does your entire campaign focus single-mindedly on a unique value proposition?

  • Does the design and execution of every ad contribute to your brand's value?
If you answered "no" or are unsure about the answer to any of these questions, contact us. We'll be happy to help you improve the results from your advertising.

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