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Welcome to Orwig Marketing Strategies,
a Toledo Marketing Agency.

Orwig Marketing Strategies connects businesses and organizations with their prospects or target markets. Our services include:
  • Implementation of online marketing tools including Content Management
   strategies, Google AdWords, search engine optimization, and website
• Preparation and deployment of marketing communication tools including
   conventional media advertising, brochures, and publications
• Brand development consulting, logo design, and themeline creation
• Public relations counsel

We have provided marketing communication services to businesses and organizations in 87 product and service categories. Our clients have ranged from small business start-ups to the largest retail corporation in the world.
Some contracted for an individual assignment. Others, we have served for more than 30 years. All have shared the desire to achieve meaningful results within reasonable budget guidelines. We currently serve:
  • Small businesses
• Niche brands, and small-budget programs of Fortune 500 corporations
• Non-profits and social service agencies
• Government agencies

You'll work with the Chief Marketing Strategist.
Regardless of the scope of the project, clients of Orwig Marketing Strategies work with the Chief Strategist. Not a vice president. Not an account executive. Never with a customer service representative.
You'll find this refreshing if you've struggled to squeeze results from the multi-departmental workflow model of a traditional agency. Rather like being personally fitted by a tailor for a custom-made suit.

We invite you to explore our website.
As you do, you will find that it reflects a complete philosophy of marketing communication, one that integrates all media to achieve marketing success by winning the battle for the prospect's heart and mind.

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